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"Fluency in the language of data analysis and visualization will allow you to discover new insights and contribute to data driven decision makings."

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Filling the gap for data analysis and visualization barriers that are still there in many industries, and be able to provide free courses and resources that are easily accessible from one place.
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    • searching Google and YouTube for fundamental Data Analysis and Visualization answers, you’ve probably wished for a more extensive, and up-to-date source for answers.

    • spending hours each month running reports and analyzing data, and probably wondering if there's a more efficient way of doing things.

    • handling new data, doing analysis and reporting with little or no training, and looking for ways to up-skill fast

Data Analysis Framework


Where to get the data from? Can it help us solve the problem? What assumptions are we making about our data?...


Is the data qualitative or quantitative? How do we deal with missing values? How are we categorizing the data?...


Which statistical and transformation techniques do we need to apply? What knowledge can we capture? 


What story can we tell with the data? How can we visualize the story? How can we turn the story into an effective presentation?...

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